Programs are designed to encourage students to remain crime free as they graduate from high school, pursue a career and marry, before they parent a child.


Report Cards and progress reports are collected by ECC staff. Concerns and recommendations are discussed with students and/or parents.  ECC provides free mentors to accompany parents and students to school and community conferences. Free tutoring is provided at the Anna E. Gayle Center.

Job Club

Students are enrolled in a summer health careers exploration and workforce development program sponsored by Area Health Education Center AHEC, Manatee/Sarasota Workforce Development, Manatee County School Board, and ECC.

Students receive a stipend as they participate in this summer program. After successfully completing employee skills training, students are referred to employement opportunities and follow-up is provided.

Family Life and Sex Education

Students receive personal hygiene and teen pregnancy instruction during sessions for the total group in the summer program and weekly during the school year. Parenting programs are offered on a regular basis at the Anna E. Gayle Center. Students are the North Manatee Youth Crime Stoppers 4-H and are involved in community service and career development activities.

Mental Health

Designated students are enrolled in an anger management/attitude development class.

Creative Self-Expression

Students receive music lessons as part of the Truly Blessed Youth Mass Choir. This choir delivers an average of three performances per month for local, state, and national gatherings.

This group presented for more than 1,000 individuals at the International Youth Crime Prevention Conference in Miami, FL, and Denver, CO. They also presented at the Magic Kingdom Park as part of Disney Magic Music Days and at the Governor’s Conference.

This group is involved in multiple cultural and career development field trips throughout the year.

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